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Pen Paper Press is pleased to announce a new book by Stuart Z. Goldstein will be out soon and available online and in book stores. By placing your pre-launch order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at your local bookstore, the volume of sales can help us influence the computer algorithms that govern the book’s visibility. Sharing this announcement with family and friends on social media will also help increase awareness. Thank you for your support.

The story of Moe Fields (aka Murray Goldman) is a gripping narrative about a father’s fighting spirit and his determination to save his family and inspire his sons to succeed. Moe’s story begins with a hardscrabble childhood during the Great Depression. He spent his teens and early adulthood as a bootleg fighter in Brooklyn, and later as a WWII sailor who overcame prejudice to build the largest plumbing business in New Jersey.  When a drunk driver causes a horrific car accident, Moe digs deep to turn tragedy into triumph. What is a father if not the instrument through which children set the a bar of expectations? “Moe Fields” celebrates the strength of family, faith and the enduring legacy we leave our children.

“Forty years ago, Stuart Goldstein was a guest speaker in my professional writing class at Trenton State College. His talk that day, filled with compelling stories about his career in politics and as a communications strategist in the financial services industry, inspired me to pursue a similar career path.

Today Goldstein applies his gift of storytelling to bring us the story of Moe Fields, a gripping narrative about a father’s extraordinary work ethic and indomitable spirit in the face of adversity.

We all have our Moe Fields. I lost my dad more than 20 years ago and am now the proud father of two young men. This treasure of a book reminds us all about the importance of keeping family memories and traditions alive through generations. It is a poignant and thought-provoking memoir that captures the enduring power of role models in our lives.”

Andy Polansky, Executive Chairman at Weber Shandwick

“Stuart Goldstein tells the story of a father’s love for his sons in a captivating way. I was drawn in by his writing from the very first paragraph. You begin to realize that his story is our story.

Ralph Savino, my dad, had a similar background to Moe, although he grew up on the streets of the Bronx — different boro, same trials and challenges to overcome. My dad — a man of integrity and grit, with a warm loving heart — also put his energy into providing for his family. He held down a construction job and opened two small businesses in order to do so.

But I went to high school with Stu Goldstein. We had no idea about his family’s car accident or the major health crises the family faced. He tells this part of the story with a degree of understanding and a wrenching honesty that comes only with age.

My dad is my hero, as Moe is to Stuart for all the life lessons both men have taught us. This book is a gift to all the memories you cherish.

Stuart has written a life- affirming story with anticipation that makes it hard to put down — and hard not to talk about.”

Joanne Savino Cicchelli, Paramus High School ‘68