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Hi, we’re Pen Paper Press.

We’re a small indie publisher. Our goal is to provide readers with life-affirming stories that capture the imagination and inspire.

Initially our focus will be nonfiction, but we will consider fiction with a powerful message about the human experience.

Thank you for trusting us to share your words with the world.


In 2017, as a small group of writing professionals, we were frustrated by the ever-changing publishing landscape. The good news? Technology was leveling the playing field, allowing more first-time authors access to electronic platforms and print-on-demand programs. The bad news? Publishing a book became ubiquitous — and getting visibility for good writing more difficult. As one publisher pointed out, authors are on their own to market and sell their books. The decline in financial support by publishers, once again, tilts the world in favor of books written by or ghost-written for politicians, musicians, movie stars or sports celebrities

One wonders if the classic writers and works of earlier generations could have found their footing in today’s marketplace — even with their eloquence, their insights on the human condition and their ability to transform the way we look at the world.

How we work

We’re looking to create a platform where writers can publish their work and share in the responsibility to promote good stories.

The “Power of One” is a concept we will advance to run counter to the “everyone for themselves” approach to publishing. As new authors, teamwork is needed to bring the best writing and the best stories to our audience.

We hope to support a sort of cooperative, where writers feature each other on social media and market each other’s work in journals and newspaper essays. We also look forward to establishing partnerships and affiliation with other independent publishers, which includes promoting authors and fellow publishers where we do not have a financial interest or benefit. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? And we may not succeed.  But let’s give it a go and see where the path leads us.